Creating a Job Application



Thank you for your interest in IRCSD!

Click here to learn more about our great district!

Please follow the steps below to complete the registration and application process:

  1. Create your registration account with the RecruitFront program - Registration
  2. Complete your Recruitfront Application, submit it, scroll down and click APPLY.
  3. "Apply" for specific positions of interest for any current or future vacancies within the District. You will receive a confirmation email from RecruitFront that your job application has been received.  
  4. If you do not receive a confirmation email - you have NOT applied. You must go back to the job opportunities, then the specific job and click APPLY!

*Please note that after you complete and submit your application YOU MUST APPLY for any positions you are interested in. Your RecruitFront Application alone is NOT an application for employment with the District.

Please refer to your Applicant Dashboard to update any of your application information and to apply for any current or future vacancies.

If you have already registered with another participating district and want to be a candidate within the Indian River Central School District, select Indian River from the list of participating districts available on the Applicant Dashboard.  Note, you will not be able to select any districts until you have fully completed at least one Application Type. The Applicant Dashboard also allows you to view jobs that you have applied to, jobs you are interested in (selected apply but did not complete the application process), and the status of your application(s). If you have any questions please contact Human Resources at 315-642-3441 (option 2, 1).

Indian River Central School is a dynamic and progressive district in rural Northern New York State with a diverse student population representing over fifty cultures.  We are located twenty minutes from Watertown, between the St. Lawrence River and the Adirondack Mountains. Our district prides itself on our academic, music and athletic programs, as well as our small class sizes which allow for individualized instruction. Our district offers a wide range of after-school enrichment programs that allow our students to draw on their strengths. 

The district is the largest rural school district in Jefferson County and encompasses 284 square miles (including Federal property) in northern Jefferson and southern St. Lawrence County in New York, serving a little over 4,000 students in eight buildings.  The district has five primary schools (K-3), one intermediate school (grades 4 & 5), one middle school (grades 6, 7, & 8), and one high school (grades 9-12). About 700 instructional and support staff work for the district. A wide range of programs and services are offered, including Advanced Placement courses, college-level courses, cutting-edge technology, a widely respected special education program, and numerous extracurricular activities.

To learn more about the Indian River Central School District, please visit us at www.ircsd.org.